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Crypto Bailout. Sam Bankman Fried. Crypto Crash.
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Here in the world of crypto we’ve seen a thing or two. Stable coin collapse,
major hacks, frozen funds, and defaulted loans! It’s been a weird month...

And in our darkest hour…a hero rises! Kind of... Two struggling crypto firms.. Voyager Digital and Blockfi received massive loans. See, the crypto industry is on its last leg and These loans are meant to help prevent total collapse..

And possibly some personal gain that we’ll discuss in a minute. The loans were supplied by companies owned by Sam Bankman-Fried. FTX and Alameda Research. What’s interesting is a lot of people are saying this story sounds awfully similar to a fella named J.P. Morgan...

Crypto Crash
Crypto Bailout
Sam Bankman Fried

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    Francisco Gimeno - BC Analyst Sam Bankman Fried is the surprising hero of the day in crypto when trying to avoid the spread of contagion of people bailing out from crypto, companies to crash, which is also, lastly better for him and his company as he also needs a healthy market to work in order to get its own profit. Of course, sometimes doesn't work (he loaned to Voyager which anyway filed for bankruptcy) but his words and his support is cooling the FUD news and the general fear of the public. There is a hugely interesting comparison between Sam Bankman Fried and another historical personality of the 20th century. If you want to know who and what is the comparison watch this. Fantastic.