Watch: Twitter subpoenas, market overview, Pelosi's Taiwan visit & more (
Bestie intros
2:07 Twitter subpoenas the besties!
16:03 Markets overview: dead cat bounce or have we hit the bottom?
34:10 De-globalization trends, Pelosi's Taiwan visit

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    Francisco Gimeno - BC Analyst The besties at its best! They again produce a magnificent program on everything crypto and digital tech.Their ideas on how is the market now and how it's going to develop reflect also our fears, hopes and worries on the situation of crypto, particularly as we don't understand clearly yet if we have reached the bottom or is going to go up then boom again. These opinions are mixed with the world situation, like in Taiwan and China now, or Twitter woes (subpoenas for the besties!) etc. This is a perfect podcast to pass some time taking notes and ponder on a calm weekend's morning.