Recommended Watch: Elon Musk Answers All Your Questions at Tesla's 2022 Shareholder Meeting (
At Tesla's shareholders meeting, company CEO Elon Musk answers questions from stockholders on CyberTruck progress, Optimus Prime, Robotaxis, Dojo, Twitter, and more.

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    Francisco Gimeno - BC Analyst Elon Musk is a remarkable individual indeed. Not many company CEOs would answer questions from stakeholders in the way he does, showing his wide knowledge, projecting optimistic forecasts, explaining the hard truths of business, showing how he works every day knowing he is responsible for many things, but thinking in a very long term time too. It's hard not the get enthusiastic listening to him. So, even if we are not stakeholders, let's listen to him. In a time of too many bad news it's refreshing to see this.