Watch: Recession: Is it Official?! What's Going On With The Economy! (
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0:00 Intro
0:51 Recession or Not?
4:13 Recession Unlike Any Other
6:50 The Data isn’t Pretty
10:21 Canaries in a Coalmine
12:31 What It Could Mean
15:49 Conclusion


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    Francisco Gimeno - BC Analyst Recession or not (in USA and by that all around of the world), Guy explains to us some basic truths about what is happening beyond the fight (mainly political and not technical) about definitions on what a recession is. In fact he underlines what is different and novel about this economic and financial crisis (or recession), mainly that labour market is not behaving as it is in a recession, but this can be analysed from many points of view, as after a pandemic the job market has changed a lot from what it was before. The job market indicates how lay offs in tech sector is increasing, plus bad earnings on companies. If companies don't make money jobs will freeze over or will be cut. Plus other data like industrial production falling, etc. Quite simply, you can't afford not to watch this podcast. Be prepared, get informed.