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What smallpox is to humans — monkeypox is to animals. So what happens when a human is infected with an animal disease? WSJ explains the symptoms, reactions and treatment of a monkeypox infection.

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    Francisco Gimeno - BC Analyst A valid question. Any disease is a threat to people. But, why this particular one is considered a global health threat when we have diseases which have been with us for a long time, killing many, like malaria, typhoid (with resistant strains), encephalitis, and others which cause so much damage to people, economies and countries (not the developed ones...)? Well, there are some interesting reasons as why it's a health emergency, notwithstanding that there are only a few thousand cases now. This virus is showing some mutation which makes it more easily spread, like the old smallpox, and the same could happen with the morbidity. A few mutations could make it very dangerous. So, while there is no concern yet for citizens, scientists must treat it with extreme care, to understand better what is going on and that is not going to be worse than now.