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Do humanoid robots have a future? As Elon Musk demonstrates a humanoid robot, we explore Engineered Arts - a humanoid robot factory with the creator of a highly realistic looking robot. Experts analyse Musk's proposals so far, looking at how these robots could become a reality.

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    Francisco Gimeno - BC Analyst Tesla's Optimus Robot launching announcement some time ago was really cool. The first humanoid robot to help humans and substitute them in repetitive or dangerous jobs. We already have specialised robots which work in car manufacturing and other sectors. We have fast developments on specialised robots which are able to understand environment, like those of Dynamics. Elon Musk's robot wants to be a non specialised robot, but one which can adapt, understand, comprehend actually general orders, solve problems and be among us. Is this going to be possible soon? We really don't know. We just read this week how Google had successfully merged an AI (a Language framework's system) with a physical robot. This is a breakthrough for robots being able to go beyond specialised skills (like knowing everything about chess but not how to use a wrench...). And Robotics is going to be a millionaire industry, if it's not that already. Definitively we are going to see many changes in the next future, helped by the merge of AI, Robotics and other 4th IR techs, and maybe one of them will be Tesla's robots. It will have to be accompanied by a deeper understanding and debate on what being human is, in opposition to non human, and in harmony with everything.