Watch: Jesse Powell Steps Down as Kraken CEO (
Kraken Outgoing CEO Jesse Powell joins Emily Chang to discuss his decision to step down as CEO of the crypto exchange and become chairman; what to expect under next CEO Dave Ripley, and the future of crypto regulation.

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    Francisco Gimeno - BC Analyst There are many changes at the helm of tech companies. CEOs and leaders step down or are just substituted for others. Why is this happening? Maybe it is because crypto and the digital economy is reaching another level where it has to adapt to new circumstances which need a new vision and a new comprehension of the global picture. This is complicated year for the crypto and digital economy so we should welcome everything which may change the road from going worse to going better. There is also a big gorilla out there, the topic of crypto regulations, its scope, its outcome etc. How crypto platforms and exchanges are going to deal with this need also new hands and eyes at the top.