Recommended Watch and Warning! FTX Collapse Could Also Bring Down Genesis (
The collapse of Sam Bankman-Fried’s crypto empire has been swift and chaotic, leaving a group of bankruptcy experts to sift through the rubble. The bankruptcy of FTX is now moving through the courts. Bloomberg's Sonali Basak is tracking it all.
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    Francisco Gimeno - BC Analyst FTX is the latest and biggest drama in crypto and digital economy, affecting to so many companies that it can cause a cascade of systemic failures for many crypto and digital economy companies, among them Genesis, Gemini, Voyager, Galaxy, etc. The case for Genesis is worrying every one because their lack of liquidity calls for a lot of investment which is not easily obtained and less during this crypto winter and with investors afraid of just sinking money in troubled waters. What is going to happen? We must prepare for any result, remembering this is also something what will pass and probably will serve to change the whole crypto and digital economy like DeFi, to disrupt the same way crypto started disrupting the fiat market. We new a new market and ecosystem without scammers, with leaders taking responsibility for their actions under some regulations which protect everyone involved.