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If The Multiverse Exists, Are There Infinite Copies of You? Brian Greene on Multiple Universes
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Theoretical physicist, Brian Greene has discussed nine types of multiverses. One of them, is the quantum multiverse which creates a new universe when a diversion in events occurs, as in the real-worlds variant of the many-worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics.

If the multiverse is real, does it mean you exist an infinite amount of times throughout theses parallel worlds?

Perhaps the most fascinating type out of the nine types of multiverses Brian Greene discusses is The simulated multiverse.
This multiverse exists on complex computer systems that simulate entire universes.

Multiple universes have been hypothesized not only in cosmology, but also in many works of science fiction, where they are better known as parallel universes or dimensions, alternate realities and so on.

The fundamental theory that describes the behaviour of subatomic particles, Quantum Mechanics, might imply not only that there are multiple, identical versions of you, but even that there are an infinite number of yous out there.

Another type of multiverse in which you might exist in infinite amount of times is the so called "Quilted multiverse".
But it works only in an infinite universe. With an infinite amount of space, every possible event will occur an infinite number of times.
But do we really know we live in an infinite Universe?

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    Francisco Gimeno - BC Analyst Physics is becoming almost Metaphysics lately, in the sense that working with quantum theories and what is debated and thought in this field is taking us to paths which are difficult to prove and even to understand. We are just at the beginning of new layers of comprehension of the whole structure of the Universe... and also of possible Multiverses. If you thought that Multiverses is already a complicated idea, in this podcast we hear about the possibility of at least 9 types of Multiverses. Now, that this is true or not, we don't know, only hypothesis which we use to create and weave our comprehension. but maybe in the future we will be able to prove it true or not. Maybe we have a myriad of twins in those Universes, or maybe not, perhaps we will never know. Science is always changing and developing. Interesting isn't it?