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Thinking of a new startup idea? Dalton Caldwell and Michael Seibel discuss the types of ideas to stay away from—what we commonly refer to as "tarpit ideas."

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00:00 - Intro
00:16 - Advice on pivoting - Tarpit ideas
00:38 - Tarpit definition
03:49 - Most tarpit - Consumer ideas
04:56 - Why do founders choose consumer ideas so much
06:37 - Why is it hard doing consumer stuff
07:21 - What's the bar for a startup
07:43 - Google
09:53 - Facebook
11:19 - Timing - Web 2
13:38 - Smartphone
14:21 - What is a tarpit idea?
15:45 - App to discover new things
16:34 - Why they don't work
19:37 - Recent target ideas
20:27 - Web3 - Rebuilding the world
21:38 - Theory of supply and demand
23:29 - Demand side
26:13 - Best pivots
27:49 - Closing thoughts

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    Francisco Gimeno - BC Analyst The concept of tarpits ideas shown by YCombinator has real value for anyone founding a start up. When start ups are blinded by ideas which seem to be so nice, which feel right and of easy execution, without seeing the downsides, make many start ups to entangle with development and finally destroying the start up itself. It's interesting that most of these tarpit ideas are consumer based ideas. The advice from them to any new start up is to avoid those traps by ... (well, watch it to know how to identify them and navigate away from the tarpit ideas). More in this starting new Web3 where everything is to be transformed and renewed. Watch it.