Highly Recommended Watch: How will businesses use the metaverse? (youtube.com)
The metaverse could offer multi-trillion-dollar opportunities for businesses in the long term, with the potential to transform many aspects of daily life.

00:00 - How the metaverse could transform our daily lives
01:22 - How filmmakers are using metaverse technology
02:30 - What is the metaverse?
04:09 - An opportunity for creative industries
05:59 - How tech titans are profiting off the metaverse
06:53 - What is Roblox?
09:51 - Gen Z: metaverse natives
10:48 - How the metaverse could help climate change responses
12:15 - What is a digital twin?
14:33 - What’s missing from the metaverse?
16:26 - How mixed reality devices are transforming the military and health care
19:41 - What’s next?

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