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Theresia Gouw launched Acrew Capital, an early stage venture capital firm focusing on software and security technology, in late 2019. In 2014 she cofounded venture capital firm Aspect Ventures with Jennifer Fonstad; in 2019 the two women parted ways. Gouw earned her stripes in the VC world at Accel, where she spent 15 years and was the firm's first female partner. Successful investments she led while at Accel included bets on real estate site Trulia and cybersecurity firm Imperva. Melinda Gates has been a backer of both Aspect Ventures and Acrew Capital. She is vice chair of education nonprofit DonorsChoose and a board member at ONE, a nonprofit focused on ending poverty.

0:00 Introducing Theresia Gouw and Forbes' Maggie McGrath
0:12 Gouw's Thoughts On The American Dream
1:42 How An Engineer Became A Venture Capitalist
5:51 Gouw's First Investment Story
7:08 How Acrew Capital Came Together
12:10 "Treat Your Kids Like A Portfolio Company"
15:59 Identifying The Support System That Led To Silicon Valley Success
18:45 Is Being Over 50 An Advantage Or A Disadvantage In Your Career?
23:15 Gouw's Advice For Young Women Suffering Burnout
26:15 Focus On The Macro To Understand The Current Financial Environment
31:03 Gouw's Outlook For Female Founders In 2023
33:20 What It's Like To Be A Female Investor In A Male-Dominated Industry
36:36 Gouw's Advice For Navigating A Lasting Career

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