Highly Recommended Watch: Will Bitcoin Drop BELOW 10K in 2023 (or is the bottom in)? | Gareth Soloway (youtube.com)
Will Bitcoin Drop below 10K in 2023 (or is the bottom in)? Gareth Soloway and Alessio Rastani analyse the chart of bitcoin from a technical and sentiment perspective. The bitcoin sentiment has been very negative and pessimistic recently according to online polls. Bitcoin has also been in a downtrend for the last 12 months. But are there signs that this downtrend and bear market in bitcoin is about to end? Could the negative sentiment be a contrary signal for BTC and crypto? We look at the charts and explain our forecast for bitcoin in 2023. Plus we evaluate our bitcoin calls from last year. #Bitcoin #BTC #AlessioRastani

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Key notes in the video:
[0:00] Intro
[0:41] Analyst Gareth Soloway
[1:27] Bitcoin sentiment recently
[2:28] Bitcoin calls in 2022
[6:46] Bitcoin warnings in 2022 and risk
[8:05] Key to technical levels and bear flags
[8:44] Bitcoin chart and Gareth Soloway
[9:30] Bitcoin influencers bullish sentiment
[9:58] Federal reserve and bitcoin
[10:31] Bitcoin downtrend
[11:09] Will bitcoin make new lows?
[11:31] Alessio's outlook on bitcoin
[12:47] Bitcoin pattern and resistance
[13:33] Gareth's downside target for bitcoin
[14:55] Will bitcoin drop to 9K?
[16:14] What if bitcoin has bottomed?
[17:03] What Gareth Soloway provides
[18:11] Outro

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