Recommended Watch: Gareth Soloway: This Market Is On The ‘Verge Of Breaking Out’ (
Gareth Soloway, Chief Market Strategist of and President of discusses the latest inflation data, direction for stocks, gold, and Bitcoin for the remainder of the year, and this emerging market index that's on the verge of a "breakout".

*This video was recorded on September 14, 2023

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0:00 - Intro
0:45 - Inflation
1:35 - Oil
3:45 - Economic outlook
7:44 - Russell 2000
8:52 - Apple
11:15 - Chinese stocks
12:49 - Next market to break out
14:49 - Bitcoin
22:49 - Gold price
24:30 - Dollar
28:00 - Best asset of the year
30:48 - Gareth Soloway

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