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While there was activity in Bitcoin and altcoins before the FED decision, the case between Binance, the world's largest cryptocurrency exchange, and the SEC will be followed today. If we look at the developments in the case so far; Judge Faruqui, who presided over the case, accepted the requests to unseal the sealed documents in the case. These sealed documents are expected to be disclosed at today's hearing. On this episode, we're taking a look at BNB Chain's ecosystem and who could benefit in the event of a Binance collapse panic.

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00:00 intro
00:29 Sponsor: iTrust Capital
01:05 Binance Week
02:04 SEC vs Binance
03:48 Everyone Quitting Binance
04:37 BinanceUS Falling
05:21 Binance Chain TVL & Transactions
06:34 ETH Staked on Binance
07:21 Binance Copies Coinbase
08:32 Chain Activity Plummets
09:25 Top Games on BNB
10:07 XCAD
11:27 XCAD Should Leave Binance
13:12 Games Leaving To AVAX?
14:16 DrDisRespect on AVAX
15:17 Avalanche The Best Asia Chain?
16:12 Coinbase Growth vs Binance
17:17 Binance vs BASE & AVAX
18:30 Binance Lost Stablecoin Wars
19:33 Conclusion, Get Out
20:26 outro

#binance #crypto #bitcoin
~Binance Falling? 🔥 BNB Chain Analysis ⚠️ ~
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