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ChatGPT video:
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No more homework:
ChatGPT bro:
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Meta AI assistants:
Meta glasses:
Windows update:
macOS Sonoma:
Anthropic Amazon:
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Snap Microsoft ads:
Spotify translations:
Getty Images AI:
Leonardo Elements:
Midjourney Office Hours:
Pika encrypt video:
Genmo video effects:
Polycam Gaussian splatting:
Zapier Canvas:
Google opt-out:
Writers Guild strike over:
Tesla Optimus:
Zuckerberg metaverse interview:   yt_favicon.png • Mark Zuckerberg: First Interview in t...  
AI created jobs: https://www.digitalinformationworld.c...
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Time Stamps:
0:00 Intro
0:55 ChatGPT Can Hear, See & Speak
4:02 ChatGPT Can Browse The Internet
4:37 Tons of Meta AI News
6:40 Meta AI Sunglasses
10:47 AI Now In Windows 11
12:48 New Version of macOS
12:23 Amazon and Anthropic $4B Deal
14:30 Amazon Bedrock Widely Available
14:50 Cloudflare Launches AI Tools
15:18 Snap Partners With Microsoft
16:00 Spotify Cloning Podcast Voices
16:16 Getty AI Image Generator
16:51 Leonardo Releases LoRAs
17:59 Pika Adds Encrypt Feature
18:34 Genmo Releases Replay FX
19:36 Polycam Does Gaussian Splatting
21:27 WGA Strike is Over With AI Implications
21:56 Tesla Optimus Robot
22:18 Lex & Zuck In The Metaverse
23:53 78% of Companies Say AI Creates Jobs
25:50 Final Thoughts