Strongly Recommended Watch: Apocalypse Maybe - Episode 1 - This is Not a Drill (
Cold War era fears and tensions about nuclear weapons resurface in our era, and take us back in time to - once again - face the prospect of an apocalypse of our own making.

Residents of Kauai, Hawaii, share their experiences amidst the false missile threat that threw Hawaii into turmoil in 2018, setting the stage for an exploration of nuclear realities against a backdrop of escalating global tensions. We hear from those who set the famous Doomsday Clock and meet with Hiroshima atomic bomb survivor Toshiko Tanaka, who offers a poignant perspective on the enduring trauma of the only time nuclear weapons have ever been used, and the pressing need for nuclear disarmament. The documentary prompts introspection into humanity's collective responsibility to prevent catastrophe and build a safer world – before it’s too late.

Theme music: "try again" by Cam Kahin.

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