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An Accenture report found a perception gap between workers and C-suite executives around AI, with 60% of workers anxious about being replaced by AI and only one-third of executives feel job displacement is a major worry for their workers.
Accenture (ACN) Chief Technology Officer Paul Daugherty joins Yahoo Finance for the latest installment of its AI Revolution special to help discuss the data and the ways workplace AI may effectively be incorporated into many business models to benefit workers.
Daugherty explains that the advent of AI is like nothing before, and so businesses will need to revolutionize how they approach work: "We believe what's happening, what needs to happen, is companies need to re-invent work itself and how it happens. That then changes the role that people have. So think about how to develop those new skills — think back to the internet when it came out. Before the internet, we didn't have web designers, eCommerce experts, search engine optimizers. We didn't have eBay, Etsy, entrepreneurs building businesses around the internet. That's the new creation we're going to see. We've identified 12 new jobs that didn't exist a year ago that we're building and hired within our company as we grow our AI talent from 40,000 to 80,000."
Follow along with Yahoo Finance's AI Revolution special coverage this week, or you can watch this full episode of Yahoo Finance Live here.
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