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Let’s unravel the layers of existence that redefine reality. From Alpha's linear perception of time to the unfathomable Omega, where every conceivable reality exists. 🌏🔍

0:00 Opening
1:08 Time as a dimension
4:28 Multiple time dimensions
6:19 The next level of twin paradox
8:10 α-Alpha (3D)
9:55 β-Beta (4D)
11:48 γ-Gamma (5D)
14:21 δ-Delta (6D)
16:44 ε-Epsilon (7D)
19:41 λ-Lambda (8D)
22:26 σ-Sigma (9D)
24:51 ω-Omega (10D)
26:21 The existential question

Addendum: Any similarities to philosophical or religious scriptures are purely coincidental, as we independently chose the names for these levels.

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Experts featured in this video include Michio Kaku, Hermann Minkowski, Albert Einstein, James Maxwell, Edward Witten, John William Dunne, Eric Weinstein, Donald Hoffman, Neil deGrasse Tyson, and Paul Steinhardt.