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For some, cryptocurrencies are a dangerous bubble. For others, they represent the future of money. But what are the actual uses - and risks -- of cryptocurrencies? This documentary explores how crypto is altering global financial architecture.

Since its inception, Bitcoin has evolved into a digital global currency that is challenging the existing financial system. The international availability and rapid increase in the value of Bitcoin attracted many to join this game of chance. The President of El Salvador even adopted Bitcoin as his nation’s official currency. However, most governments have positioned themselves against cryptocurrencies that aren’t regulated by states.

The European Central Bank is predicting Bitcoin’s imminent demise. At the same time, the ECB also recognizes the need for digital money in a world that’s so reliant on the Internet. The digital Euro, for use as a payment method via Smartphone, is expected to be available soon. This documentary by Tom Ockers and Ulrich Stein explores how cryptocurrencies are altering global financial architecture. They hear from profiteers and victims, supporters and critics of the new digital currencies.

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