Watch: Peter Diamandis and Cathie Wood on Longevity, AI, and Bitcoin (
On this episode, CEO and CIO Cathie Wood and Chief Investment Strategist Charlie Roberts sit down with entrepreneur Peter Diamandis to explore the forefront of healthcare innovation, artificial intelligence (AI), and the evolving role of digital assets like bitcoin. Diamandis, known for his contributions to space exploration, longevity, and breakthrough technologies, shares his insights on extending the health span, the transformative potential of genome sequencing, and the convergence of AI and robotics in shaping our future. With a keen eye on the financial markets and investment trends, he also delves into the resurgence of bitcoin and its positioning as a foundational layer of the new wave of money. Join us as Peter offers a compelling look at why he believes the future is brighter than we think, underscored by the rapid pace of innovation and the opportunities it presents for a healthier, wealthier, and more technologically advanced world.

Key Points From This Episode:
- Differentiating healthcare from sick care and the focus on health span extension
- The significance of genome sequencing and editing in longevity and health
- Peter Diamandis' journey in longevity, mentioning various technological advances
- The potential and implications of AI, robotics, and their convergence in future technologies
- Discussion on the financial markets, investment trends, and the impact of biotech
- Insights into Bitcoin's resurgence and its role as a digital financial layer
- The debate on the pace of AI development and ethical considerations
- Future predictions for AI applications and the transformative potential of Bitcoin
- Reflections on the importance of investing in innovation and the future's technological landscape

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