Recommended Watch: Dave McClure & Jordan Stein on YC, "Spray and Pray", and Games VCs Play (
(0:00) David Weisburd intros Dave McClure, Jordan Stein, and Jason Calacanis
(00:28) Reddit's IPO adds to YC's track record of successful public listings
(10:13) Strategy of investing in YC ecosystem and the importance of entry point evaluation
(15:28) YC's demo day and opportunities for other accelerators
(28:14) Carta’s report the rise of capital call requests
(30:00) The role of secondary funds in the current macroeconomic conditions and the potential for more company shutdowns
(55:18) Betting on outliers and the decision-making process for doubling down
(1:08:49) Lightning round: Top 3 investments from each guest
(1:19:58) Discussing the upcoming

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