Highly Recommended Watch: Dreams Are Real (youtube.com)
Can dreams predict the future? Are they glimpses into dimensions where information lives, and can we access it if we have the right tools?

Are we able to realize we’re in a dream and change what’s happening? Or even communicate with other people while in the dream state? Could we look back at past events, current ones happening now, or even events yet to come?

What if Rob told you all of this was real, and dream ESP has been proven by neuroscientists, psychologists, dream researchers, spiritual meditators, and religious men alike? Would it change everything we think we know about how our bodies and the universe are connected?

Let’s dive into the Matrix together as Rob Counts brings you what he found about lucid dreaming, prophetic dreams, dream research, the nature of “the holographic universe,” and more. Between ESP studies that’ll blow your mind to the CIA’s own documents to predictive dreams from Abraham Lincoln and the Lynyrd Skynyrd band, you’re about to find out why dreams may just be glimpses into something a whole lot deeper than you ever thought.

In this episode: dreams are reality, dream ESP, CIA documents, REM sleep research, remote viewing studies, precognitive dreams, lucid dreaming, telepathy, Maimonides Medical Center’s dream research lab, the Gateway Process (a.k.a. the Gateway Experience), brain hemisphere synchronization (“Hemi-Sync”), Abraham Lincoln’s prophetic dreams, the Monroe Institute, US and Soviet Cold War parapsychological research, China’s psychic children, exceptional human functions (“EHF”), and Jo Jo Billingsley’s prophetic dream about the Lynyrd Skynyrd band

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