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How do you imbue character in an AI assistant? What does that even mean? And why would you do it in the first place?

In this conversation, Stuart Ritchie (Research Communications at Anthropic) speaks to Amanda Askell (Alignment Finetuning Researcher at Anthropic) about the ins and outs of “character training” for Claude, Anthropic’s AI model.

00:00 — Introduction
01:41 — The importance of an AI’s character
03:32 — Training an AI model
05:44 — System prompts
07:24 — Impacts of system prompts
11:20 — Character vs personality
16:39 — Training good moral character
19:10 — Claude's trait: charitability
25:08 — Claude's trait: honesty
28:21 — Deciding on Claude’s personality
31:11 — Self awareness in AI
34:02 — Kindness towards AI
37:25 — Conclusion

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