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Here's the AI news you might have missed.

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Time Stamps:
0:00 Intro
0:31 AI Video Generator - Kling
3:17 ToonCrafter
4:45 Domo AI
5:26 PixVerse
6:16 Tribeca to Feature Sora
6:42 ElevenLabs Sound Effects
7:22 Stability AI Sound Effects
9:03 Nvidia Computex Announcements
13:37 AMD Computex Announcements
14:28 Intel Computex Announcements
16:10 Qualcomm Computex Announcements
16:46 Cisco Live
19:40 WWDC is Coming
20:29 Microsoft Changes to Recall
22:35 Google's Own Recall Feature
23:01 Sam Altman Responds To Helen Toner
23:19 OpenAI Restarting Robotics Research
23:37 Unitree Humanoid Robot
24:11 AI Outages
24:30 California's SB 1047 Bill
27:11 AI is Running For Mayor
27:37 Zoom's AI Clones
28:01 Humane Pin Charging Case Issue
28:45 Raspberry Pi Gets AI
29:09 Oculus Creator Starts New XR Headset
29:42 Brilliant Glasses Update
20:15 Final Thoughts - Where To Find More News and Tools