Watch: Mt. Gox Crashing Bitcoin!🔥Crypto Market Still Bullish? (
The crypto market is staring down its toughest headwind in months as the anticipation of Bitcoin (BTC) sell-offs from Mt. Gox and the German government begins to weigh heavily on investors’ minds. Some predict that market conditions may ease only when selling pressure from Mt. Gox and Germany subsides.

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00:00 Intro
00:37 Mt. Gox Crash
02:06 Arkham Intelligence
03:01 Mt. Gox vs FTX liquidation
03:25 Crypto Stocks plummet
04:00 Miners still dumping
04:30 Germany Selling their BTC
05:37 Ethereum breaking key support + ETH CC soon
06:41 UK elections + their crypto plans
11:06 Biden's last stand
13:23 Crypto Roundtable
15:00 Tech stocks are up, why not crypto?
16:10 Monetary Policy Hearing
16:33 Charts + Paul's new indicator
17:00 Outro

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~Mt. Gox Crashing Bitcoin!🔥Crypto Market Still Bullish?~
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