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0:00 - Intro: Is hype around generative AI going too far? MIT roboticist Rodney Brooks' predictions
01:21 - Background on Rodney Brooks, AI & robotics pioneer since 1976
02:05 - Brooks: People overestimate generative AI capabilities, anthropomorphize it
03:10 - Brooks prefers practical robots (e.g. cart-like) vs humanoid for real-world use
04:07 - Hype around AI often neglects limitations; tech doesn't always grow exponentially
05:36 - Brooks: Alarms impressive but can't do everything; need control theory, math too
06:20 - Link to Brooks' AI/robotics predictions scorecard blog
07:14 - Startup fraud, overhyping risk in AI; "fake it till you make it" culture concerns
09:37 - Theranos fraud case as cautionary tale; critical thinking needed amid AI hype
10:27 - Concerns around some major AI company leadership
11:41 - Realistic view of AI startup scene; Brooks made only 3 prediction updates in 2023
13:24 - Brooks: Humanoid robots won't play significant role for 25+ years despite hype?
14:57 - 2018 prediction: next big AI breakthrough by 2023-2027 via published work
16:20 - Neuro-symbolic AI: neural nets + symbolic AI for robust AI; key future trend
17:41 - Generative AI/LLMs the clear next big AI thing as predicted; 2017 key paper
19:06 - Prediction 1
20:12 - Prediction 2
21:05 - Prediction 3
22:19 - Prediction 4
23:12 - Prediction 5
24:05 - Prediction 6

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