Fascinating Watch: Reporting on Doomsday Scenarios | 60 Minutes Full Episodes (youtube.com)
From 2022, Jon Wertheim's report on "preppers" who are gearing up for extreme catastrophes. From 2008, Scott Pelley's visit to the "doomsday vault" inside a mountain near the North Pole, built to warehouse backup copies of all the world's crops. From 2023, Pelley's interviews with scientists who say the planet is in the midst of a sixth mass extinction with Earth's wildlife running out of places to live. And also from 2023, Bill Whitaker's story on virus hunters who are searching for new pathogens to help prevent another pandemic.

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0:00 Intro
0:11 Preppers
13:22 Doomsday Vault
25:57 The Vanishing Wild
39:10 Pathogen X

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    Dean Louis There was a time when I would have said that these people are crazy and that they need some kind of therapy, but in recent years, especially after Covid, we can all reasonably see some value in being prepared for the next, inevitable scenario that the world will face.

    It's easy to brush them off because we don't like to think about the negative possibilities, but the reality is that with wars and rumours of wars, nuclear threats and pandemic possibilities, we should all be in a state of minimum preparedness.