Watch: Tesla Stock Skyrockets🚀ETH & Solana vs Tesla (
Tesla's stock (TSLA) erased earlier morning losses on Monday as the EV giant tried to extend an eight-day rally in which shares have ballooned about 37%. The stock's winning streak has erased year-to-date losses in a remarkably quick turnaround. Shares have gained more than 75% since 52-week lows hit in April.

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00:30 Sponsor: iTrust Capital
01:13 Tesla chart
01:45 Deliveries
02:40 Revenue
03:23 Stock splits
03:39 CNBC - Tesla Bear
05:42 Pelosi Sold Tesla
06:14 Trump likes Tesla
07:12 Biden 50/50 Drop out bet
08:00 TYT polymarket
09:09 Growth
09:25 Elon agreed on Polymarket
10:00 Polymarket is more truthful than twitter
12:00 Elon never heard of web3 social
12:17 Tesla's Bitcoin holding
12:40 ETH flippening + Fees
13:20 Sol Fees vs ETH Fees
13:51 Tesla is on Ethereum
14:12 Solana Stocks
14:30 Avalanche Republic Note + Tokenized Space X
15:36 Eth CC AWS
15:41 Charts
17:23 Outro

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~Tesla Stock Skyrockets🚀ETH & Solana vs Tesla
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