Watch: Bill Gates Reveals The Next Big Thing In AI, Humanoid Robots Get To work (
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00:00 - Introduction and overview of recent robotics stories
01:20 - Sanctuary AI's Phenix Carbon humanoid robot platform
02:13 - Figure's autonomous AI-driven robots in BMW's factory
07:11 - Clone Robotics and their lifelike humanoid hands
10:56 - Bill Gates on metacognition as the next big frontier in AI
14:09 - The importance of new AI architectures beyond scaling
18:08 - Gemini AI update delayed to June 18th 2024
21:06 - 11 Labs' voice isolator for removing background noise
21:50 - Eureka, the world's first AI doctor that can deliver real-world care
24:10 - The risk of AI systems making humans complacent and less intelligent
26:49 - Announcement of Grok 2 AI in August
27:04 - Meta's 3D-Gen tech for generating 3D assets from text
29:07 - The challenges of developing reliable AI agents that can take long sequences of actions

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