Watch: Has populism been thwarted in France? (
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UnHerd's Flo Read meets Louis-Vincent Gave.

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Is the right-wing playing a long game in France? Analyst Louis-Vincent Gave joins UnHerd's Florence Read to discuss how yesterday's shock surge against Marine Le Pen could come to benefit the National Rally.

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00:00 - 01:06 - Introduction
01:06 - 04:16 - Why did polls get the French election so wrong, and how are markets reacting?
04:16 - 12:26 - Is this a victory for Macron and a defeat for the Right? How will Macron deal with the Left?
12:26 - 19:41 - How does populism in France compare to the rest of Europe?
19:41 - 23:43 - How the divided French Right eventually united
23:43 - 25:40 - The role of Trump and Biden
25:40 - 29:57 - What does the future look like for the French Left and Right?
29:57 - Concluding thoughts

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