Watch: Will UBI Solve AI Job Disruption? (
In an age of total automation, what if money was considered a basic right to life - a stewardship we all took part in?

Universal Basic Income (UBI) is a social welfare concept that’s never been implemented successfully on a wide scale.

Could UBI be necessary in an economy not driven by human production, but run by AI?

In the next decade, for the FIRST time in history, humans won't have to work to see consistent production occur to fuel consumption.

This necessitates a massive change in economics – an entire overall.

I believe we have to be open to whatever will work best to help humans thrive in the AI age, no matter if it has a stigma attached to it, if it comes from a party we typically disagree with, etc.

I've challenged my own viewpoints on many things as I learned about the true history of UBI.

Enjoy this video – the full, untold, deeply-researched history of UBI.