Highly Recommended Watch: WW3 Likely Triggered By This Conflict as Defense Pacts Kick In – It’s Not Mideast or Russia-Ukraine (youtube.com)
Michelle Makori, Lead Anchor and Editor-in-Chief at Kitco News, interviews Hal Kempfer, CEO of Global Risk Intelligence & Planning (GRIP) and retired marine intelligence officer, who says there is a significant geopolitical threat, which is not receiving much mainstream attention, and that could spark World War 3. Kempfer breaks down the top geopolitical threats, pointing out that a flare-up could trigger a number of defense pacts. He also explores South China Sea as a critical tinderbox to keep an eye on in the coming months.

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00:00 Coming Up
00:51 Introduction: Rising Global Tensions
03:14 This Geopolitical Risk is Underreported
12:05 Economic Impact of South China Sea Tensions
13:25 China’s Strategic Moves and Global Reactions
17:00 Potential Global Economic Disruptions
27:42 Defense Pacts and Risk of Escalation
38:18 Resource Allocation
39:24 Geopolitical Hotspots
40:24 Potential for World War III
43:03 South China Sea: A Potential Tinderbox
48:36 North Korea’s Alliance with Russia
57:54 Middle East
01:08:45 Global Supply Chain Vulnerabilities
01:10:52 Investment Strategies Amid Global Tensions
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